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Lapidary Shop at Golden Vista


The shop has equipment for cutting rocks, grinding and polishing stones. There are five saws from 30 inch on down, for cutting slabs from rocks; to make clocks, water fountains and other items limited only to a personís imagination. There are grinders and polishers including silicon carbide and diamond sanding, to create stones and cabochons for belt buckles, bolo ties, rings and bracelets.


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On Monday through Friday, there is a monitor on duty from 8 - 4, to assist persons working in the shop. There is an annual membership fee.

Classes are available through out the season, for beginners. An occasional rock hunt is conducted. Members can display their creations at the Apache Junction Rock and Gem Club show each season. A daylong bus trip is usually planed for the rock and gem show at Quartzite, AZ.


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The shop conducts a BBQ one Wednesday each month, to raise funds for shop equipment.

To contact the club for more information call head monitor Bill Booth at 480-671-2641.   2009-2010 board members: Tom Dalton, Gary Gagan, Terry Hileman, Bob Cronover.