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Board President's Report

February 20,2007
Golden Vista RV Resort Homeowners Annual Meeting
Presidents Report:

During 2006 the Board of Directors faced many decisions that appeared to be "house keeping" issues such as revision of our planning philosophies, our reserve practices, rules enforcement, and maintenance of our water systems and phone systems.

It was determined that Golden Vista needed to be more efficient in helping our growing number of Homeowners adding park models and habitable rooms to their properties. To accomplish this goal a Compliance Manager has been added to our full time staff. The objective of this position is to simplify the permit process and improve rule enforcement by consistency and greater access opportunities. Our Manager Dell McKinney brought a person familiar to many of our homeowners onto our staff when she hired Larry Martin as the Compliance Manager in August.  Larry had helped many homeowners and the resort office with our computer issues for several years and was respected as a dependable and strong individual.

During 2006 several of our friends left the park for various reasons and they are missed, however, each departure has been met with new residents arriving at an amazing pace. I challenge our "long timers " to welcome these "new" neighbors and bring them into our Golden Vista family.

It has been another great year working with Dell and the Board. We've modified how our Board structured to improve continuity by electing Board members to three year terms starting with our 2007 election. This first step will elect two members for a 3 year term and two for a two year term, then the next year you will elect three members for 3 years and the pattern for the future will be 2, 2 and 3 unless a vacancy occurs.

Other changes that were made to improve our Resort was to change our Fiscal Year from January 1st thru Dec. 31st to July 1st to June 30th, this change will significantly help our Budget process. This will allow a full winter season for our budget committee to function prior to the adoption of next years budget.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers and our staff for a great year and I would like you to take each opportunity to thank them as well.

I feel we are very fortunate to have the best manager in the valley, she is exceptionally attentive to owner issues and tolerates some very difficult residents at times.

One of the unfortunate things about 2006 is that we seem to have forgotten some basic rules in/and how we treat each other. As we grow older we seem to become less tolerant and respectfully polite when we don't get our own way, our patience seems to disappear. Some people even equate our actions to be somewhat child like.

With that message delivered I do want to tell you what an honor and privilege it is to serve as your representative and I thank you for your help and your encouragement during 2006.

Respectfully submitted this 20th of February, 2007.

Thank You,

Leroy Gibson, President