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Silversmith Shop at Golden Vista

The Golden Vista Silversmith shop has an average of 45 members. Who can design, create and repair jewelry. The shop has 15 workstations complete with torch, solder pad, third hands, foredoom and lights.  The shop also has grinders, polishers, tumblers and various miscellaneous tools.  There are 43 storage lockers available. Wally Aipperspach is the coordinator and can be reached at (480) 671 2873 if you have any questions.

The shop hours are 9-4 Monday - Friday from November through March.

A supervisory monitor is on duty at all times to enforce shop rules and regulations as well as assist new smiths in polishing their techniques.

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There is a complete casting department where silver jewelry is centrifugal or vacuum cast by the lost wax method. A vulcanizer for rubber mold making and wax injector for making wax models complete the casting department for custom designing or manufacturing multiple pieces. Rubber molds are cataloged and the various wax models available are in a display case.

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Scheduled beginning and intermediate classes for silversmithing and lost wax casting are offered annually (pre-registering required). 


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A BBQ is held one Wednesday each month, to raise funds for shop equipment. The membership has the opportunity to display their work in the annual Apache Junction Rock and Gem Show in February.

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