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Golden Vista Tennis/Pickle Ball Club

The Golden Vista Tennis/Pickleball Club has an active membership of 82 people as of March 2014. Our officers are Jenny Burgi, President (480-671-2029), Dawn Douglass, Vice President (480-671-1826), Barbara Rowe, Secretary (480-671-2741) & Gene Feise, Treasurer (480-671-2968). Please call any of these officers if you would like additional information. Our business meetings are held on the 1st Monday of every month (December-March) @ 11:30 am in the Navajo Room.

The Club raises funds by hosting an annual Spaghetti Dinner every February. These funds are used to improve & maintain our courts as well as supporting various Golden Vista supported charities.

Tennis players are ranked beginner through advanced, with the majority being intermediate. League play is available every season.

Pickleball is becoming extremely popular & during our current 2013-14 season there have been forty people participating in lessons on Wednesday evenings.

A weekly schedule is posted in the holder by the East Gate indicating Tennis/Pickleball times for members. This schedule also includes cleaning responsibilities as our membership cleans both courts on a bi-weekly basis.




We conduct a in-park round robin during Jan and Feb. It is open to all people in the park.

We have entered into an East Valley Tennis League. We play with three other parks on Wednesday afternoons. Fred Pye is the representative from Golden Vista RV Resort.