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Woodshop (Sawdust Barn)

The Sawdust Barn is very well equipped and located on the ground floor at the west end of the craft room and library building. Volunteer monitors are assigned to keep the shop open weekdays from 8 am to 4 PM. Special arrangements can be made for use on Saturdays. The Sawdust Barn is closed on Sundays and Holidays. Approximately 80 to 90 men and women residents join the Sawdust Barn every season.

Current Officers are:

Office Officer Phone #
President Rennie Heckert 671-2812
Vice President Dennis Douglass 671-2826
Treasurer Jerry Foote 671-2160
Secretary Margaret Crites 671-2337
Board Member Ed Bressler 671-2285
Board Member Charlie Gibson 671-2526
Board Member Phil Lafer 671-2232

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Besides the annual dues of $20.00 per membership, funds are raised through the sponsorship of a monthly barbecue on the Patio. The funds raised are used to upgrade equipment and to replace expendables such as sandpaper.

On occasion, Sawdust Barn funds are donated to various projects such as the Angel Tree and equipment in the kitchen. In addition, volunteer labor and woodshop tools are utilized in resort projects.

Members work on a variety of personal projects such as board games, lamps, bowls, cabinets, jewelry boxes toys and the repair of numerous items. Occasionally classes are held for beginning woodworkers and for the proper use and care of the equipment.

The shop is an open room 34' X 22' with an 8' ceiling. It has recessed florescent lighting and the north and south walls have large windows for letting in natural light. The shop has about 35 linear feet of bench top working surface with underneath storage cabinets for hand tools and supplies. The room is equipped with an exhaust fan an air filter system and most of the equipment is attached to a dust collection system.

 Below are group pictures from the 2011-2012 season. The first two pictures are group pictures in the woodshop. The third group picture is at the barbecue wearing their red Sawdust Barn aprons.